What are you Really Good at?

My senior year of undergrad, a professor sat my cohort down and asked the question, "What are you good at?"

I was 22, on the brink of graduation and adulting without the safety net of school, and until that moment, no one had ever asked me to pinpoint the things I was really good at, let alone list them aloud in front of a group of my peers.

As an actor, I was conditioned to taking critique and adjustment. As a student, from red marks on a test to each semester's verbal review, I was conditioned to hearing where I fell short. And now, as a fully fledged adult with a job.. a family..and a 401k, my own personal critiques are still constant.

I was on a podcast a few weeks back, and this story came up. The interviewer, a kindred spirit and professional, driven woman, laughed and told me about how she was at dinner with a group of girlfriends, their first dinner out since the pandemic began, and what did they talk about - what they needed to work on!

I get it. The media constantly bombards women with "How To's" - 10 Steps to Lose the Baby Weight..5 Ways to Keep the Romance in Your Marriage...How To Be More Assertive..Be More Empathetic..Be Less Sensitive..the list goes on. I'm not saying self improvement is a bad thing. I proudly consider myself to be a life long learner who is constantly striving to do more, explore more, better my self and my skills.

But does that mean where I'm at now shouldn't be celebrated, or at least acknowledged?

I say, absolutely not. Let's normalize talking about our wins. I'll start. I was recently commissioned by a big time women's magazine to write a piece on women's voices. Ok, your turn.

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